Packers Are #1 NFL Team In Seahawk Country

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Bending Over and Preparing for 2012 NFL Season (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

It appears that the Green Bay Packers are not only popular in SoCal, but it looks like they’re the favorite team for NFL fans in a large part of the Pacific Northwest.

The state of Oregon does not have a National Football League franchise. You would assume NFL fans in that state would adopt the neighboring Seattle Seahawks as their favorite team.

But that’s not the case. It almost is but not quite.

Oregonians instead have embraced another team from a distant state.

When Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked Oregon residents to name their NFL favorite team, 16% of them picked the Green Bay Packers, edging out the Seahawks, who received 15% of the vote.

Using automated telephone interviews, PPP surveyed 686 Oregon voters from June 21-24. The margin of error is + / -3.7%.

The poll framed the question this way: “Is your favorite NFL team the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, or someone else?”

A total of 34% of the respondents chose “someone else” or said they don’t have a favorite team.

The percentages for the specific teams were:

Packers 16%

Seahawks 15%

49ers 10%

Cowboys 8%

Broncos 6%

Raiders 6%

Giants 3%

Chargers 2%

Bears -5%


Follow-Up On Charles Woodson’s TwentyFour Wines

English: Montage of Southern California images...

English: Montage of Southern California images on WikiMedia Commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been brought to our attention that Charles Woodson‘s TwentyFour Wines are also available for order on their website. In fact, their very fine 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon are in stock. Unfortunately, it looks like 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Autographed Bottle is temporarily out of stock. We were in error when we stated that they were only available at special events or his wine program.

Hopefully, someday we can organize a special event, dinner or tasting at a venue in Southern California for all our Green Bay Packer fans down here!

Charles Woodson’s TwentyFour Wines

Charles Woodson during pre-game warm-ups.

Charles Woodson during pre-game warm-ups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As fans of the Green Bay Packers who live in Southern California, what better way to define our uniqueness from the rest of Packer Nation than to kick off our new blog than with a post about “wine”. Yeah, we get how the rest of our Packer Brethren love their beer and like to publish their favorite bratwurst recipes, but we’re a little different since we’ve adopted the California lifestyle. We still love out beer and brats, but it’s hard to resist the vibe of our California lifestyle that includes the occaisional wine tastings among friends and the mystique associated with California wine country.

The funny thing about the California wine country and its premium wine industry is that it probably wouldn’t exist today without the help from Wisconsin transplant, Agostin Harasthy. Harasthy, emigrated to Wisconsin from Hungary in 1840 and founded Sauk City, Wisconsin. He experimented with planting wine grapes in Wisconsin and prospered until he got the news that gold had been discovered in California in 1849. Harasthy struck purple gold in discovering that the Zinfandel cuttings he brought with him from Wisconsin produced exceptional wine in California vineyards. He became the father of California wine. The winery he established in Sonoma, California, Buena Vista Winery still prospers today. Buena Vista Winery was the very first premium winery to be built in California.

Fast forward to 1998 and a young cornerback for the Oakland Raiders named, Charles Woodson, fell under the spell of the California wine country during training camp in Napa, California. He toured the Robert Mondavi Winery and became friends with their winemakers. Woodson enjoyed how wine brought people together and quickly realized that he wanted to learn how to produce fine wine himself.

Charles named his winery “TwentyFour” because “24” was his jersey number at the time as a member of the Raiders.

TwentyFour Wines specializes in three varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. His wines are handcrafted in small quantities and only available at special events or through his Club TwentyFour wine program. The winery donates $10 of every bottle sold to the CS Mott Children’s Hospital & Von Voightlander Women’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“TwentyFour is an endeavor that, like its proprietor, came from humble beginnings and evolved into so much more. Blended from grapes that were cultivated in one of the most exclusive vineyards in the Napa Valley, TwentyFour embodies the abundant blessings that surround us. This is a wine of pure enjoyment, gratitude, giving back and paying forward. From our cellar to yours, we hope you enjoy.”

– Charles Woodson